String Quartet Sheet Music for Wedding Ceremonies by R.J. Mitchell


"A Wedding ByThe Lake" String Quartet Sheet Music (Easy Print II)  
15 Complete Quartets (pdf downloads) only $35.95

AWBTL - String Quartets Complete Easy Print II (Download)
35.95 49.95

"A Wedding By The Lake" - 15 String Quartets of various styles which can also be performed as trios, duos and other configurations. This collection includes: “Rose Petals”, “White Lace” and “Jubilation!”

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  • "String Quartets Complete" is the complete collection of sheet music for the fifteen pieces heard on the "A Wedding By The Lake" CD.

  • Each arrangement includes the full score, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola (and Viola TC), Cello and Piano Accompaniment with additional Flute and Harp parts where needed. The "Easy Print II" version makes printing and organizing the sheet music simple.

  • PERFORMANCE NOTES: Violin 1 always has the melody, so performances by duos and trios will still sound complete. Now included as a BONUS are the Piano Accompaniments, which can enhance the sound of a smaller group,

  • All 15 String Quartets are very enjoyable to play and listen to. Most of all, they are ALL very "usable" for many performance situations. You will definitely get your money's worth out of the "String Quartets Complete" package.

Three Most Popular Quartets (Sheet Music) from the "A Wedding By The Lake" collection.

Jubilation, Rose Petals, White Lace String Quartets

Processionals “Rose Petals” and “White Lace” and recessional “Jubilation” are the three most popular quartets in the “A Wedding By The Lake” collection. If you play in a quartet, you will want these three pieces in our collection. You get two versions of “Rose Petals,” one with harp and one without. A recorded harp accompaniment is included. These pieces can also be used by a smaller group.

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